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23/02/2011 13:18
 Ender Arcade has been discontinued.  It may ot may not be updated sometime in the near future but it is highly improbable that it will stay un-updated. Thank You for reading  -Cleancookie


26/01/2011 19:08
As you've probably guessed from the title, I had discovered that Ender Arcade has been block in CTC.  I'm not sure about other places but I'll try my best to re-open another replica of this website.

Ender Arcade's First Ever Download!

22/01/2011 12:17
Yesterday, I started a new DoWnLoAdAbLe game! I made a program that will be availible to download today! It is most likely to not work at school. But I hope you have fun with it. Regards, Matthew Everett

Yet another vector game

19/01/2011 16:28
I've just recently added a very fun and addictive tower defense games from some of my provious games websites, called Vector TD.  Alongside that I've added Man In Gap.  Also, I don't know if you've noticed but, I've added a new genre to the feedback page as...

2 More to the List!

19/01/2011 16:15
Today I have added Exit Path (The game I attempted to add yesterday) and Learn to Fly. Also could I ask people to stop telling us "You need more games!" becasue we know. We just wish you would tell us a particular game, it would only make things more difficult for us. Regards, Matthew Everett

Vector Conflict: The Siege

18/01/2011 17:45
I've been trying to get this game for ages, ever since last year even and I've finally got it to work.  Its called Vector Conflict: The Siege, very good game I really suggest you playing it.   I've got some plans on what to put on Ender Arcade next time.  Thanks for reading, Alex Law

Crush the Castle

18/01/2011 17:25
Hi again! I just put the game Crush the Castle on the website. I was going to put a game on called Exit Path, but my older brother wouldn't let me because it will take up most of the internet connection. But I hope you enjoy it until I can but Exit Path on. Regards, Matthew Everett

New Games

17/01/2011 20:33
If you've read Matthew's post then there's really not much point in reading my one, if not then carry on.  I've just updated Ender Arcade(20:33 GMT+0).  I've added a batch of "Hot New Games" from kongregate and slightly altered the main page layout.  If you go on the suggestions...


17/01/2011 16:47
Hello. I've just written this to say I've updated Enderarcade. I have put 2 new games on: "The McDonalds Game" & "Corporation Inc". I've been trying to get these games for a while and I hope you enjoy them... Matthew Everett - The other Editor of Ender Arcade

Christmas Greetings

25/12/2010 10:00
Thanks for visiting the website over the Christmas Holidays, it shows you don't just use the site at school (which is it's primary use!). You my friends, are special... As it says above, for a few months all construction on the site was stopped. Me and Cleancookie97 began to think that no one was...

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