Christmas Greetings

25/12/2010 10:00

Thanks for visiting the website over the Christmas Holidays, it shows you don't just use the site at school (which is it's primary use!). You my friends, are special... As it says above, for a few months all construction on the site was stopped. Me and Cleancookie97 began to think that no one was using the website any more. But one day Cleancookie97 told me that people still went on, since the Forum page carried on getting messages. So, we began to edit the site again.

Recently we have finished the Games page, you may have noticed that all games are in HTML Form** (it is now in a box in the center of the page. We did that after a request, we feel it looks better now.

This message is for all of those people who call us "gay" or "sad": to be honest, we don't really care what you call us. This website has made alot of people at school happy! I'm sure the people who insult us like this site too! I don't know why you put those messages though... But I'm not one to judge.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you a very merry Christmas! I hope you all have a good one.

Matthew Everett - The other Editor of Ender Arcade


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